Above is a scene from the movie American Psycho where Patrick Bateman’s sexuality is completely put into question. At first glance of the film, images-1.jpeg
we are expected to think that Patrick is the most heterosexual man out there. He is extremely attractive, in shape, wealthy, sexually active with many women, engaged, and successful. There’s no possible way a character like that could have an internal struggle with their sexuality, right? WRONG! Watch the link above and see if it has the potential to change your mind. During this scene it looks as if Patrick is going to kill Louis. But for some reason he begins to struggle? A struggle that we haven’t seen before with Patrick and murder. Once Louis turns around and confesses his love for Patrick, Patrick could have killed him on spot.
Since Patrick is an extremely judgmental character one might assume that louis confessing his love would drive him over the edge, and he would be killed immediately. That was not the case. Instead Patrick touched Louis for a prolonged period of time, aimages.jpegnd then allowed Louis to touch him. This didn’t make sense according to Patrick Bateman’s character. What could this mean? Could that moment of confused him for the first time?  This singular moment might of felt a little good, and that feeling alone has the potential to scare, and confuse a person. This was the
main scene that expressed the idea that Patrick Bateman might not be 100% straight like he seems at first glance.